The campaigning to move Comic-Con away from San Diego is starting to heat up, with Anaheim taking its pitch public and going straight to the nerd herd to win over support.

The Anaheim and Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau launched a Facebook page and issued a public letter, which was sent to media outlets Thursday, announcing their intentions to make the Anaheim Convention Center Comic-Con’s new home for 2013 and beyond.

The current pact to host the event in San Diego — this will be its 41st year there — runs through 2012.

Anaheim’s public appeal touted its convention center as the largest on the West Coast (among eight other reasons, including cheap hotel rooms and proximity to Disneyland and other activities), and thus, the best facility to host the annual event that has been attracting more than 126,000 attendees over the past several years. Its four-day passes are nearly completely sold out, with the most popular days’ tickets gone months ago. Event takes place July 22-25.

“You need to be assured that moving to Anaheim is the best decision you could ever make,” the letter said.

The Facebook fan page “Bring Comic-Con Intl. to Anaheim, CA” was launched to gauge the fervor of the Southern California crowd.

Of course, Anaheim isn’t the only city competing for the Con. Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego are also vying for the show because of how much coin the convention’s crowd pours into the local economy.

San Diego already has offered an agreement to extend its deal with Comic-Con through 2015.

And the city has found its own supporters on Facebook, with “Keep Comic-Con in San Diego” and other pages boasting more than 3,400 friends.