The insular world of Hong Kong lesbians is affectionately spoofed in the tedious romantic comedy “All About Love,” from prolific helmer Ann Hui. Alternating slapstick humor with bashful sincerity, Hui’s take on homosexuality and bisexuality uses cliched romantic-comedy tropes and will seem awkward and dated to Western eyes. August rollout in Hong Kong reaped poor reviews and weak box office.

Former lovers Macy (Sandra Ng), a bossy, butch-looking attorney, and Anita (Vivian Chow, returning to the screen after 13 years), who does something unspecified at a bank while dressing like a high-end gallerista, meet cute at a prenatal counseling clinic and resume where they left off, even though they’re both pregnant from one-night stands. As they debate what to do about their lives and relationship (Macy fears commitment), the two inadvertent “sperm donors” (Eddie Cheung and William Chan) demand a say, as do Macy’s pals (Joey Meng and Jo Koo). The mostly insipid dialogue bogs down in sloganeering about “the heterosexual hegemony” and “the ills of patriarchal societies.” Colorfully stylized production design sometimes recalls the hyperreality of Alan Rudolph’s “Choose Me,” but “Love” has none of that pic’s quirky charm.

All About Love

Hong Kong-China

  • Production: A Mega-Vision Pictures (in Hong Kong) release of a Class Limited production. (International sales: Mega-Vision Pictures, Hong Kong.) Produced by Ann Hui. Executive producer, Wong Jing. Directed by Ann Hui. Screenplay, Yeeshan Yang.
  • Crew: Camera (color/B&W), Charlie Lam; editors, Eric Kong Chi-leung, Chan Chi-wai; music, Anthony Chue; production designer, Albert Poon. Reviewed at Toronto Film Festival (Contemporary World Cinema), Sept. 13, 2010. (Also in Pusan, Tokyo film festivals.) Running time: 105 MIN.
  • With: With: Sandra Ng, Vivian Chow, Eddie Cheug, William Chan, Joey Meng, Jo Koo. (Cantonese, English dialogue)
  • Music By: