Disney will launch “Alice in Wonderland” Friday in a big way.

Studio will bow Tim Burton’s fantasy domestically at 2,242 3D locations, making it the largest 3D bow ever. Total screen count is 3,728.

Previous record-holder was 20th Century Fox’s “Avatar,” which bowed at 2,023 3D engagements, repping 59% of the film’s total domestic count of 3,452.

With the influx of more 3D films in the market, U.S. exhibs have been working to increase the number of screens equipped to show 3D pics. Paramount will release 3D toon “How to Train Your Dragon” on March 26, followed by Warner Bros.’ bow of “Clash of the Titans” on April 2.

Imax has committed to a three-week run at 180 3D screens.