“I Saw the Devil”
Director: Kim Jee-woon
Producers: Kim Hyun-woo, Cho Sung-won
Stars: Choi Min-sik, Lee Byung-hun
“The Good, the Bad, the Weird” helmer meets heroes from “Oldboy” and “G.I. Joe” in a thriller of bloody vengeance by a top secret agent against a psychopathic serial killer.
Sales: Finecut

“71 — Into the Fire”
Director: John H. Lee
Producer: Chung Tae-won
Stars: Kwon Sang-woo, Cha Seung-won
Based on a true story, war movie tells the tale of 71 soldier trainees who fought against a much larger North Korean army during the Korean War.
Sales: Finecut

“Blades of Blood”
Director: Lee Joon-ik
Producers: Cho Chul-hyun, Lee Jung-se
Stars: Cha Seung-won, Hwang Jung-min
“The King and the Clown” helmer returns with his specialty, historical drama, in “Blood” as two legendary swordsmen in the 16th century cross paths in war.
Sales: M-Line Distribution

Director: Kang Dae-kyu
Producer: J.K. Youn
Stars: Yunjin Kim, Na Moon-hee

“Lost” star Kim stars in this melodrama about female prisoners who organize a choir.
Sales: CJ Entertainment

“Telecinema 7”
Directors: Lee Jang-soo, Lee Hyung-min, Chang Yong-woo, Ji Young-soo, Kim Yun-cheul, Chang Yong-woo
Producer: Shin Hyun-taek
Stars: Kim Ha-neul, Ji Jin-hee
Top-notch Korean TV directors present seven feature-length Korea-Japan co-production dramas written by well-known Japanese writers and performed by Korean stars.
Sales: CJ Entertainment

“Secret Reunion”
Director: Jang Hun
Producers: Yoo Jung-hoon, Song Myung-chul, Jang Won-seok
Stars: Song Kang-ho, Gang Dong-won
Action-drama follows a South Korean intelligence agent and a North Korean spy living and working under one roof, hiding their real intents yet building a friendship.Sales company: Showbox

Director: Lee Chang-dong
Producers: Lee Joon-dong, Yeom Tae-soon
Star: Yoon Jeong-hee
“Secret Sunshine” helmer returns with a story of a woman in her 60s who tries to write poems but gets involved in unexpected incidents.
Sales company: Finecut

“Looking for My Wife”
Director: Lee Ha
Producers: David Cho, Noh Dong-seok
Stars: Ji Jin-hee, Yang Ik-june
Comedy portrays a careless man who takes a long and weird journey with two friends looking for his wife after finding out that he accidentally got a divorce.
Sales company: Showbox

“The Housemaid”
Director: Im Sang-soo
Producer: Jason Chae
Stars: Jeon Do-youn, Lee Jung-jae
A Korean classic thriller is revived starring Cannes award-winner Jeon, who plays a femme fatale seducing her master and destroying his family.
Sales: Mirovision

“This Man”
Director: Lee Jeong-beom
Producer: Lee Tae Hun
Stars: Won Bin
An action drama about a man who has a dark hidden past throwing himself against the world to save a young girl, his only friend.
Sales: United Pictures & CJ Entertainment