Want to make your indie premiere a big-time social event? Just get Tom Cruise to show up. At the Cinema Society’s Sept. 7 preem of “The Romantics” (starring and produced by Katie Holmes), the corner of 19th and Broadway was mobbed by fans and photogs watching Cruise’s every move. And for a movie star, he was acting weird: He showed up on time, didn’t try to sneak out of the screening early, and chewed the fat with folks who sidled up to him after the pic rather than booking it out of the crowded theater.

The power couple was harder to spot afterwards at the post-screening party at the Gansevoort Park Avenue. Well-wishers like Russell Simmons, Carol Alt and Whit Stillman chatted with stars, including Malin Akerman and Adam Brody. And nobody missed an opportunity to talk up Holmes.

“We had a producers meeting and she attended — no manager, no rep, no Tom, no nothing, just her,” said producer Ron Stein. “She says, ‘I want to produce. I want to work. I don’t want my name on there without my doing anything.’ “