Naughty ‘Nanny’

Stars talk about childcare

New York– At an Aug. 19 special screening of Universal and Working Title Pictures’ “Nanny McPhee Returns,” the stars were talking about, what else — nannies.

As crowds of kids poured into the AMC Loews Lincoln Square, both Maggie Gyllenhaal and director Susanna White lauded their childcare aides for allowing them to work, but in an ironic twist, it was Nanny McPhee herself who had a horror story to share. “When I was 7, my nanny ate all my sweeties after I had a tonsillectomy,” Emma Thompson recalled. “I’ve been off nannies ever since.”

And that includes imaginary caretakers. A day after calling Mary Poppins a narcissist on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” Thompson continued her faux attack, adding, “Nanny McPhee would tell Mary Poppins to focus more on her work and stop being such a showoff.”