When it came to making his “first, big, proper romantic comedy,” “Leap Year” director Anand Tucker found the experience initially daunting, but ultimately it was like every other gig.

“In the end, no matter how big or small the budget of a project is, it still comes out that you have a camera, a couple of people and you have to make something happen,” Tucker explained at the Rouge Tomate after-party Jan. 6 following the DGA screening in New York.

However, Universal’s pic, about a young woman (Amy Adams) who enlists a cynical Irish innkeeper (Matthew Goode) to drive her to Dublin, did present the helmer with some difficulties.

Creating that chemistry with Adams wasn’t a problem for Goode. Losing his English drawl for an Irish countryside accent was.

“I had a really good voice coach. The best, actually, and it was still really hard,” thesp said. “It’s not at all what Dubliners sound like. It’s far from the Dublin lilt.”