Banderas to helm ‘Solo’

Third directorial outing for Spanish star

Valladolid, Spain– Antonio Banderas’ next film as a director will be “Solo,” a psychological thriller with sci-fi touches turning on a Spanish colonel suffering post-conflict trauma.

Banderas will play the colonel and helm from an orginal screenplay by Erik Jendresen, who penned Banderas-starrer “The Big Bang,” and also co-wrote “Goleor: the Scales and the Sword,” the latest toon feature now coming out of Banderas’ Spanish animation studio, Kandor Moon.

“Solo” will be produced by Banderas’ Green Moon label, based out of his native Malaga in Spain. It will slot into Green Moon’s joint development and production deal with Spanish conglom Vertice 360, signed in March.

Vertice will also distribute in Spain, and co-owns international rights with Green Moon. Banderas puts the budget at about Euro10 million ($14 million).

Banderas’ third film as a director – following on his 1999 debut feature “Crazy in Alabama” and 2006’s semi-autobiographical rites of passage drama “Summer Rain,” – will shoot in English.

“Unfortunately, to reach large international markets, you have to shoot in English,” Banderas said at Spain’s Valladolid Festival Saturday, where he was honored with a Golden Spike career achievement award.

The thriller, which Banderas said ultimately turns on solitude, will however shoot using Spanish actors, Banderas added.

“Solo” will go before the cameras next year, being ready for delivery in 2012.