How can a director supervise his film’s post-production if he’s in jail?

Cinematographer Pawel Edelman faced exactly that situation last fall as he sat in a quiet, dark suite in Paris with color timer Fabien Pascal, adjusting the look of Summit Entertainment’s “The Ghost Writer” while helmer Roman Polanski sat in a Swiss prison.

And how can that same director, who won’t travel to the U.S. for fear of arrest and incarceration, create an American-looking Martha’s Vineyard when shooting in Europe?

Production designer Albrecht Konrad faced that challenge during the film’s production in Germany.

Despite these obstacles, Edelman and Konrad were able to create the bleak and dreary look that Polanski wanted for the film — a look that required a lot of ingenious location scouting in Germany and much finessing in post to maintain a uniformly dull, even light.

“The whole idea was to keep everything overcast, rainy and gray,” says Edelman, who also worked with Polanski on “The Pianist” and “Oliver Twist.” Much of the shooting took place on the windswept German island of Sylt in the North Sea. “Cold and miserable weather was a key element. We filmed (outdoors) when the weather was with us; when it was sunny we moved to shoot interiors” on sets at Babelsberg studios near Berlin.

“It worked,” adds Konrad, who scouted all the film’s locations, “but sometimes it was the wrong bad weather — too snowy, and in the end it started to become spring, so a lot had to be replaced in post.”

Despite Polanski’s absence, Edelman maintained a long-distance dialogue with the helmer from Paris as he adjusted color and supervised vfx shots. “Even though Roman couldn’t be with us, we were able to send him samples of things we’d done, so he had a chance to see our work, but it wasn’t easy to present him a good-quality picture.”

Despite these handicaps, “The Ghost Writer” offers the perfect canvas for its grim, nihilistic story. Edelman, shooting on 35mm, created practically monochromatic images that reflect the story’s menacing atmosphere. Konrad built a glass-walled, sterile house on the seacoast that both exposes and conceals its shadowy inhabitants.

“The Ghost Writer” — a political thriller starring Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall and Olivia Williams — is also a dark meditation on exile, a central fact of the director’s life. Brosnan plays a Tony Blair-like former British prime minister trying to shore up his tarnished reputation by channeling it into an approved book — not unlike what Polanski tries to do with this film. In “The Ghost Writer,” as in Polanski’s life, the plan ends with an unexpected twist.

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