Overseas moviegoers once again shelled out top coin for Warner Bros.’ “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” which won the Dec. 3-5 frame with $54.8 million — though a pair of expanding 3D toons, “Tangled” and “Megamind,” continue to narrow the gap.

Disney added eight overseas markets to its “Tangled” run, including France, with the toon pulling in an overall $26 million over the weekend. According to the Mouse House, holdover markets contributed nearly half of the weekend take, which brought the toon’s international cume to just north of $56 million.

“Tangled” played at a total 15 territories at 3,355 locations, about 35% of the international marketplace.

Meanwhile, Paramount expanded its DreamWorks Animation toon “Megamind” to an additional 17 markets, including Brazil, Germany, Spain and the U.K., for a total count of 27 foreign territories. Pic pulled in an additional $16 million from 2,818 locations, boosting its overseas total to $48.6 million.

The top overseas trio (“Hallows,” “Tangled” and “Megamind”) has banked considerably on families and fanboy auds, but the Dec. 10 release of 20th Century Fox’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” could stretch the demo thin. Fox debuted the fantasy franchise offering in 58 day-and-date territories, including 11 of the top 16 markets, such as Australia, France, Russia and the U.K.

“Dawn Treader” bowed a week early in Spain, posting a chart-topping $2.9 million from 585 screens.

While “Dawn Treader” helped boost the Spanish B.O., the franchise’s third installment started well off the pace of the bows of “Prince Caspian” ($4.3 million) and the first “Narnia” ($4.7 million).

In Gaul, “Tangled” faced adverse weather conditions during midweek screenings, but saw strong matinee seshes on Saturday to boost overall weekend totals past $6.5 million for the five-day period. “Tangled,” which screened on 270 3D screens, just 41% of the total screen count, still far outstripped other 3D toons like “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Despicable Me.”

“Tangled’s” Italo perf has cumed $5.9 million in two weeks, and rose to the top spot in its second frame, with $2.7 million from 577 towers, up from 315 last weekend. Pic’s soph sesh expansion was enough to oust “Hallows” ($2 million in its third weekend in the territory) from the top spot to No. 4 at the Italo B.O..

Though “Tangled” is still a week from preeming in Germany, DWA’s “Megamind” bowed to a modest $1.7 million, landing in third place behind “Hallows” and “Saw 3D.” The toon, which outranked the debut of “Monsters vs. Aliens” by 22%, likely lost some family auds to “Hallows” (down 45% in its third frame), and 3D screens to “Saw 3D.”

“Megamind” also debuted near the lower-half of the Spanish charts, behind “Dawn Treader” and local teen romancer “Three Steps Over Heaven,” which earned $2.8 million to became the country’s highest-grossing opener for a local production this year. “Megamind” debuted with $1.9 million in that territory.

The toon saw better results in Blighty and Brazil, hauling in $4.6 million in the U.K., while Brazilian auds forked over $2.6 million. In the U.K., the heady toon outsmarted the debut of DWA’s “Dragon” by 2%, excluding previews, and in Brazil, it was 62% ahead of “Monsters.”

Par held “Megamind” from most major European markets to profit from year-end holidays, as well as to distance itself from other holdover 3D fare. Now the toon will have to compete with a rush of family-skewing holiday 3D tentpoles like “Tangled,” “Dawn Treader” and “Yogi Bear.” Disney’s “Tron: Legacy” could play to broad demos, including families and fanboys.

“Megamind” first launched in Russia day and date with the U.S. on Nov. 5.

Emilio Mayorga in Barcelona, Mark Schilling in Tokyo, Clifford Coonan in Beijing, Andrew Horn in Berlin, David Hayhurst in Paris and Nick Vivarelli in Rome contributed to this report.