Mark Ruffalo is a hero of mine as an actor. He is also without question the only actor who could have made Paul irresistible and tender in his right to an instant family and true love with a lesbian. Dude, there’s a few problems with this equation!

But instead of thinking of him having arrested development or a guy who’s not truly ready for intimacy, we’re rooting for him all along. It’s a tribute to Mark’s purity and authenticity as an actor and Lisa Cholodenko’s brilliant work that they get away with us cheering for the decided interrupter of this family we’re clinging to, as that family is potentially falling apart.

With Mark’s childlike nature and his incredible talent, he left me with the thought at the end of the movie that he’s going to fix it all by buying a minivan and everything will fall into place. I feel his innocent hopefulness and its Mark’s longing, his soul’s longing, that we see in all his work that invites us in and allows us to journey with him and his character.”