Even though it’s no secret that Katherine Heigl “loves the romantic comedy genre,” the star of “Knocked Up” and “27 Dresses” does try with each film “to bring a slightly different element to the table.”

As she explains it, the June release “Killers,” with Ashton Kutcher, “has the sentiment and personality of the romantic comedies I love doing, but also incorporates action. A definite departure from anything I’ve done so far.”

Not that her character, Jen, is all that different — at least when auds first meet her.

Says Heigl, “She’s just this really goofy, awkward girl who meets the man of her dreams” — surprise, he’s a government assassin — “then she wakes up one day three years later to a reality she could never have imagined.”

Come December, Heigl stars in “Life As We Know It,” about a woman given joint custody of a young girl with a man (Josh Duhamel) she can’t stand.

“Of course, throwing two people who can’t stand each other under the same roof with a baby they have no idea how to raise ensures plenty of hilarity,” she says, adding, “I loved how Holly has to grapple with the guilt she feels for having wanted this life and then getting it under the worst possible circumstances.”

Heigl knows something about parenthood, having recently become a mom, which makes the moviemaking a bit tougher.

“Not a lot of down time,” she admits, “but I remember that not too long ago I had plenty of time on my hands and am just really grateful.”