HFPA hires Sunshine Group

Org also mulls adding exec director post

The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has tapped Sunshine Sachs & Associates to handle corporate communications and press for its events, including the Golden Globes.

Move comes a week after the Michael Russell Group parted with the Globes and HFPA following 17 years of overseeing publicity for the event. The account will be managed by agency topper Ken Sunshine as well as West Coast Director Keleigh Thomas.

The HFPA’s leaders are also considering hiring an exec director, citing two key reasons — helping with the heavy workload and giving continuity to an organization that elects new officers each year.

Jorge Camara, current chairman and former president of the org, said, “Every president brings his own ideas and thoughts and ways of doing things. And having a continuity [would be beneficial].”

The HFPA has considered the exec director idea previously but never implemented the post. The org has a few details to iron out before they come to any sort of verdict, such as consulting the membership and spelling out the duties.

“At this point we haven’t made a decision,” said current president Philip Berk. “We really don’t even have a definition of what the position would be.”

Camara admitted that the org has discussed the possibility in the past, too.

“It’s never gone away,” Camara said. “I suppose after all the work and the Golden Globes and the issues that come around that the president and board of directors are faced with, it once again looks like we need help.”