“This might be my favorite of his performances. It’s the first time his edginess, insouciance and sense of humor all come through, as well as all of Jake’s warmth. He’s very appealing. He’s naked all the time, too, which is another upside.

In the very beginning of the film, you see him in his womanizing phase. He works in an electronics shop and is this natural-born salesman. He’s really kind of cheeky, flirty, naughty and kind of base. It’s fun to watch him, because he’s being very boyish. Then he makes this big evolution and his character finds a lot of depth. But he doesn’t lose that sense of humor. He stays fresh and funny.

It’s great to see both Jake and Anne Hathaway going for it and being gutsy and very open. She plays a woman with early-onset Parkinson’s, and that pulls him out of his shallowness and immaturity. It’s a sweet story, and they play it with a lot rawness and vulnerability.”