…To inform the children that we are down for the count with a nasty cold we caught from our gal pal The Chicken who was visiting from New York City earlier this week. Not even an emergency IV drip of gin & tonics has taken the edge of our sick off, lamb chops, so rather torture our self trying to whip up something pithy and clever, we’re just going to call it a day. We promise we’ll make up for our lapse this weekend.

In the meantime, have a look-see at Forbes who recently and exhaustively reported on the who’s who of worldwide billionaires including a bit of hoo-ha about the homes of billionaires. and some 411 on some real estate stuff recently reported in the Wall Street Journal about the deevoon playwright Edward Albee and deevorcee Edra Blixseth listing her vacation casa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico–her primary residence in Rancho Mirage is also listed at a bone rattling $75,000,000.

While y’all are at it, have a quick read of the New York Post‘s always informative Gimme Shelter column, another New York Post bit on wild eyed New York City Housewife Ramona Singer, Mister Big Time‘s recent doings and, of course, all the real estate drama and mysteries reported by Chloe Malle in the New York Observer.