SELLER: Ron Tutor
LOCATION: Hidden Hills, CA
PRICE: $18,900,000
SIZE: 19,107 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: California-based construction tycoon Ronald Tutor made residential real estate headlines back in September of 2008 when he dumped a heart-stopping $32,200,000 for a not yet completed 27,000 square foot mega-mansion in Los Angeles’ Beverly Park community, the mother ship of überluxe and excessively ostentatious guard-gated communities stuffed with boo-teek hotel sized houses that line deadly quiet, and traffic free streets.

To give the children some idea of the sort of big bizness Mister Tutor conducts, one of Mister Tutor’s construction companies, Tutor-Saliba, has over $15,000,000,000 in completed construction and engineering projects that include the Wynn Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, the BART extension to San Francisco International Airport, the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the new and improved Jamaica Station in New York City.

Mister Tutor’s colossal new crib inside the gates of Beverly Park sprawls across its four and a quarter acre site that is sandwiched between the 7 bedroom and 12 pooper property of Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominated actor Paul Reiser–always a bridesmaid, never a bride–and two-time Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington’s 28,887 square foot real estate beast. Mister Tutor’s massive manse must be ready for occupancy–or close to–because big-living construction tycoon has put his current residence in Hidden Hills, CA on the market with an asking price of $18,900,000.

Property records show Mister Tutor’s current residence, located in the swankiest section of Hidden Hills called Ashley Ridge, sits on 3.39 manicured acres and measures an elephantine 19,107 square feet. From the looks of things, Mister Tutor bought the property back in February of 1993 for $4,025,000, but honestly chickens we’re not 100% sure of that. Listing information for Mister Tutor’s “Tudor” style estate in Hidden Hills indicates the multi-winged main house with its rather dubious day-core includes a master suite with his and her closets, 6 additional bedroom suites, private guest quarters, and 2 full staff apartments. Altogether, according to listing information, there are 10 bedrooms and an unlucky 13 terlits, a situation that just might freak out any superstitious gals hired to polish the home’s poopers.

The mammoth mansion’s main entry is through a baronial, double height entrance hall with mottled, honey-colored marble floors, stone lined arches that would be better suited to a castle, a couple of settees with tiger-striped cushions, a couple of crystal chandeliers–natch, and a staircase that splits in two half-way up in order to direct resident and guest traffic into the various upstairs wings. To one side of the entrance hall, a window-lined and stone-floored living room has paneled walls painted with a glossy Chinese red lacquer, a gold–or maybe bronze–leafed ceiling, and heavy swagged drapery that look to Your Mama’s snarky little pea brain like they were inspired by a damn Antebellum hoop skirt. The home’s haphazardly eclectic and questionably decadent day-core reaches its screaming peak in the banquet hall sized dining room with its hive inducing rose colored wall to wall carpeting, fireplace, built-in china hutches, gargantuan inlaid wood table, black lacquer Chinoiserie-style cabinet, more Antebellum hoop skirt drapery, and, directly above the dining room table, a most upsetting oval ceiling inset hand-painted with an unfortunate mural depicting robe-clad ladees laying around a flowery garden, playing the lute and tossing ribbons in the air. Well, honestly sweet peas, Your Mama isn’t sure that’s exactly what the gals in the mural are doing, but that’s what it looks like to our gin & tonic saturated eyes.

Anyhoo, other main rooms in the Tutor “Tudor” include, a vast family room with a vaulted and stenciled ceiling, a very long kitchen with a quarry’s worth of granite counter tops and a coffered ceiling with what appears to be pinky-red suede insets, an 8-sided breakfast room with a spoke-beamed and stenciled ceiling, and an office/den that features a wood, coffered ceiling, a fireplace with an elaborately carved wood and marble surround, built-in bookshelves and, in a decorative move that makes our heart weep, blue wall to wall carpeting. Let Your Mama say that again, blue wall to wall carpeting. Lo-ward have mercy, what nice, gay decorator puts blue wall to wall carpeting anywhere anymore? Honestly, who?

A large “entertainment annex” sits across the huge motor court from the main house and is connected internally through a bridge over a portecochere that houses, we regret to inform, an arcade lined with pinball machines, video games, and a damn air hockey table. In addition to a wood paneled, convention center sized ballroom capable of hosting hundreds, adjacent his and her poopers, and a huge marble-floored outdoor entertaining terrace, the entertaining annex contains a kitchen sized wet bar, poker room, gym, guest house, and both of the staff apartments.

The elaborately landscaped grounds include a large pond with a small dock, sunken tennis court surround by a stone balustrade, an acre or two of unnaturally green grass, and a free-form swimming pool with a small grotto where the sunken spa has been installed.

Mister Tutor’s “Tudor” happens to sit right around the corner from the 17,000 square foot monster manse it is widely rumored and reported that cantineros Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are purchasing. Other nearby neighbors include Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, a-list lezbeeuhn rocker Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy Micheals, former tweener heart throb Shaun Cassidy, those upsetting reality tee-vee denizens Jenner/Kardashians, and Lisa Marie Presley who has her multi-parcel property on the market at $12,000,000.

Records show that the Beverly Park behemoth isn’t the only real estate deal real estate mogul Mister Tutor has recently been involved. In October of 2009, according to property records, Mister Tutor coughed up $13,200,000 for an elegant and recently rehabbed 1930s white brick Georgian the hoitytoity Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. Some of the children may recognize the 9 bedroom and 9 pooper property as one of the many multi-million dollar mansions all the gossip glossies, tawdry tabloids and real estate gossips thought Jenleck–or whatever amalgamated moniker Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are called in the tabs–were going to buy. This house, butter beans, was all did up and done over by beleaguered Beverly Hills house flipper John Bersci and was originally listed with a pipe dreamer’s asking price of $27,500,000. Both Your Mama and real estate insider Eric Eavesdrop think this mansion, measuring a massive (and approximately) 12,000 square feet, was purchased for his upscale clothing boo-teek owning daughter Kristen Eberts who, also thanks to Eric Eavesdrop, we’ve learned has her Bel Air modern quietly on the market with an asking price of $8,495,000.

Again thanks to Eric Eavesdrop, Your Mama has learned that prior to purchasing the Holmby Hills house another of Mister Tutor’s adult daughters also got a new, approximately 12,000 square foot house. Records show the 6 bedroom and 8 pooper white brick Monterey Colonial in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles was picked up for $13,524,000 and, Your Mama will note, is also one of the many mansions it was widely rumored and reported that Benjen were thisclose to buying. Your Mama isn’t sure if the Garleck-Tutor real estate connection is mere coincidence or if the Tutor gurls and the Affners are pals who were just spending some time checking out each others new pads.