What’s holding 3D TV back?

3D TV is being pushed hard by television manufacturers, and
while pick-up has been better than expected, it’s still not something the mass
audience is clamoring for. Why not?

A new
study by Nielsen
offers some insight – but you can probably guess the two
biggest culprits. The survey finds that the high costs of the sets and being
forced to wear 3D glasses are the two key reasons people aren’t rushing out to
buy the sets. The news gets worse for manufacturers, though.

Nielsen found that the number of people who initially were
inclined to buy a 3D TV actually dropped by more than 50 percent once they were
shown a sample of video from the sets. And the number of people saying they had
no interest more than doubled after watching a sample.

Scarcity of 3D programming was the other prominent reason
people gave for not having interest.

On the upside, nearly half of the people surveyed said they
would likely watch programs they would otherwise skip if they had a 3D set –
and 71 percent of regular gamers said they’d like to experience video games in