Verizon chimes in on 3D

While DirecTV and Comcast have been pretty vocal about their
launch plans for 3D programming, Verizon hasn’t had much to say about what its
FiOS customers can expect.3d-tv  

The company broke its vow of silence today, confirming that
it would offer 3D this year, by the holidays at latest, when it expects 3D
penetration to begin to rise.

The telecom company says its network can easily handle the
3D signal and it plans to offer the “broadest range of 3D possible to the
market”. Given that there are only a handful of channels that are confirmed to
offer 3D programming, that’s not going to be too difficult.

The bigger question, though – and one Verizon hasn’t
answered – is what (if anything) additional charges will subscribers who want
to access this sort of content face?