Hoping to stir up Internet interest in frosh thriller “The Event,” NBC will introduce a new character first on the show’s website.

A mysterious character nicknamed “The Truthseeker” will reveal information and clues central to the show’s conspiracy mythology via a blog and Twitter account.

Who or what the Truthseeker is won’t be revealed on “The Event” until later in the season.

“We’re lucky to have a creator in Nick Wauters and executive producers who love digital and are interested in multiple-platform storytelling,” said NBC U Digital Entertainment prexy Vivi Zigler. “The NBC.com team has been developing ideas right alongside the show from the get-go.”

Skein recounts the story of Sean Walker (played by Jason Ritter), an everyman who investigates the disappearance of his would-be fiancee, Leila (played Sarah Roemer), and unwittingly begins to expose a huge cover-up.

Besides the Truthseeker character, “The Event’s” online presence includes a live Twitter chat by Wauters and fellow exec producer Steve Stark immediately after the show’s Monday night launch, as well as an interactive timeline to the show’s storyline, and a weekly “Deconstructing the Event” video.Zigler admitted that the Peacock’s digital team learned “what to do and what not to do via ‘Heroes,'” and used the now-canceled “Heroes” as a learning tool in developing “The Event’s” online component.

NBC is giving away a walk-on role on “The Event” via the Peacock’s “Fan It” viewer affinity program.

(Steve Clarke in London contributed to this report.)