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Thar’s gold in dem dar cowboys!

Who needs modern day street thugs when you’ve got old west

Not Take-Two Interactive Software, it seems. “Red Dead
Redemption” continues to be a retail bonanza for the publisher and is doing so
much better than expected that the company is now forecasting it will turn a
profit this year. That’s the first time in recent memory that it has done so in
a year that didn’t have a “Grand Theft Auto” release.

“Red Dead Redemption” has shipped 6.9 million units to
stores. (Note that shipments don’t equal sales.) Add in sales of catalog titles
and the company posted a $12.4 million profit last quarter – versus a $58.3
million loss a year ago.

Of course, this means more “Red Dead” is on the way – and probably
with a slightly quicker turnaround time than this installment (which took five
years). In the meantime, Take-Two will attempt to keep the non-“GTA” momentum
going with “L.A. Noire,” which was officially delayed until next year, and the
just announced “Duke Nukem Forever”.