The return of the Power Rangers to Saban Brands will mean an aggressive rollout onto multimedia platforms, a new Samurai theme and even a bit more “fun,” according to Saban Brands prexy Elie Dekel.

“We’re embracing the new digital media age,” said Dekel of the planned apps, games and streaming content, adding that Ranger-related live entertainment and a feature film are on the horizon. Saban Brands also announced the Samurai theme for the upcoming season, premiering next year on Nickelodeon. While themes changed annually in years past, the Samurai theme will extend for two years.

“We always introduce new elements throughout the course of the season, including the occasional new ranger,” said Dekel, adding that Saban will keep the five original rangers and other core elements of the nearly 20-year-old “Power Rangers” series.

“The DNA remains constant,” Dekel added.

New announcements come on the heels of Saban’s re-acquisition of the series from Disney in May ( Daily Variety , May 14). The Mouse House had purchased the series from Saban in 2001. The company will also bring back Jonathan Tzachor, who produced hundreds of episodes since the early nineties.

“Haim Saban and his team have created a property with incredible staying power, and we’re excited to partner with them on this newest chapter of ‘Power Rangers, ‘ ” said Cyma Zarghami, president, Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group.

” ‘Power Rangers’ is one of the world’s leading children’s entertainment properties and we are delighted that the control of its destiny is in our hands,” said Haim Saban, chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group.