Plants, Zombies, Zuma head to Korea

Despite what it might sounds like, PopCap World is not an
amusement park – although it probably would be a really cool one.

Instead, PopCap Games is partnering with NCsoft to create an
online multiplayer social game service in Korea. The service will offer 13
free-to-play games with optional paid elements in the queue for the coming

Among the featured titles will be “Plants vs. Zombies,”
“Zuma” and the Korea-exclusive “Super-Zuma”.

It’s a big step for PopCap, which is widely seen as the king
of the casual gaming world. This move is its biggest international push and
opens up an area that’s jam packed with enthusiastic gamers.

Free-to-play games are huge in Asia – with players spending
millions on upgrades. Ultimately, it could be a lucrative move for both PopCap
and NCsoft.