Pigs Fly: Duke Nukem Forever returns

There aren’t a lot of surprises in the video game world
today. With the torent of leaks that comes from partners, publishers and
developers, gamers rarely get that excitement that comes with a major,
unexpected announcement – which makes today’s bombshell in Seattle all the more

2K Games revealed the presumed-dead action game “Duke Nukem
Forever” was not only alive, it was playable on the show floor – and it would
be hitting stores next year. And jaws are still dragging.

To understand the impact of this announcement, you have to
know a little history about the game. “Duke Nukem Forever” was announced at the
end of the Clinton Adminstration. It has been in development for 13 years,
suffered innumerable setbacks and seemed doomed to remain vaporware when developer
3D Realms ran out of money last year and fired the development team.

Gearbox Software, which has a number of ex-3D Realms staffers
among its ranks, will finish up development on the game, which will be released
on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (Gearbox is the company behind “Brothers
in Arms” and “Borderlands” and is respected by gamers.)

Duke the character is one of the game industry’s icons, but “Duke
Nukem Forever” became an industry in-joke many years ago. The question now is:
Are gamers willing to get over the chortling and buy the game? A lot of that
will likely depend on how the word of mouth is out of the Penny Arcade Expo,
where 150,000 people are being given the chance to take the game for a spin
this weekend.