Panasonic sells out of 3D TVs

Want one of Panasonic’s 3D HD TVs? Get in line and get
comfortable. The company says it has sold out of the sets in their first week,
forcing the company to take back-orders from retailers.3d

That’s good news anyway you slice it, but it does raise a
few additional questions – like how many 3D sets did Panasonic ship inititally?
If it was only a few hundred, the feat becomes a bit less impressive. And when are new sets going to hit stores? (Panasonic didn’t respond immediately to questions.) 

Still, it shows the industry’s marketing push for 3D in the
home is starting to pay off – and it shows that the hand-wringing from the
media (including, admittedly, this blog) about the price of the sets and
whether consumers would want to wear the required glasses in their home might
be overstated.

It’s a first step – and an important one. Converting the
early adopters can create evangelists. And those evangelists will further convince
the mainstream audience that 3D is something they want.

And if you’re Panasonic, that also means you could see your
TV business begin to turn around quicker than expected.