Nintendo’s 3D portable gaming device is ready to hit the market.

The gamemaker announced Wednesday that its 3DS will hit store shelves in Japan on Feb. 26, with a pricetag of $299, with the device set to rollout in U.S., Europe and Australia in March.

The DS has long been Nintendo’s biggest moneymaker, outside of the Wii console, and has dominated hardware sales in the videogame biz since its launch six years ago.

In fact, the 3DS is Nintendo’s first major upgrade of the DS since 2004.

The device is expected to also be a major seller for Nintendo, given that the 3DS won’t require users to wear 3D glasses when playing games. Nintendo is already forecasting 4 million units to sell through the end of its fiscal year, which wraps up in March.

The handheld device will also be capable of streaming 3D TV programming provided by Nippon Television and Fuji Television networks via a built in WiFi connection. The intiial lineup of programming will include travel and food shows.

A filter enables users to change the depth of the image to 2D. Device also enables 3D photos to be taken with a built-in camera.

First games to bow on the handheld will be Capcom’s “Resident Evil: Revelations,” Namco Bandai’s “Tales of the Abyss” and Konami’s “Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater,” as well as Nintendo’s own “Nintendogs Plus Cats.”