It’s no secret Netflix is betting big on its streaming
service. The company began by limiting streaming to the PC, then expanded into
consoles and dedicated set-top boxes and, in January, added Internet-enabled
TVs to the mix. Today, it’s adding cell phones.Netflix2

Microsoft, at MIX10, announced that users with Windows Phone
7 Series phones will be able to stream Netflix films directly to their phones.
The service is able to use both 3G and Wifi. (Like other streaming apps, you’ll
need to be a Netflix subscriber to see the movies.)

The companies gave a demo of the technology today and it’s a
very slick interface that’s showing a lot of potential. In addition to your
queue and new releases, the app uses Netflix’s recommendation engine to suggest
films you’ll enjoy.

The question, right now, is whether the app will release
this winter when Windows Phone 7 devices hit the market. For that, we’re going
to have to wait and see.