Meet this year’s Streamy Award nominees

The Streamy Awards might not have the name recognition of
the Academy Awards or the Emmys, but when it comes to Web television, they’re the highest honor a series can receive.Streamies  

The International Academy of Web Television rolled out this
year’s list of nominees today – and “The Bannen Way” and “The Guild” led the
pack with seven nominations each. “Easy to Assemble,” a comedy about previously
successful actors who now work at IKEA, earned six nods. (UPDATE: “Easy to Assemble” creator Illeana Douglas checked in to note that the show actually has seven noms, as its show within a show – “Sparhusen” received a nod for best music.)

I’ll have a story about the nominations in tomorrow’s daily
edition, but there just wasn’t room to list ’em all. (Not surprising when you consider there are 34 categories.). That full list is after the break.

Web television is still very much a field in its infancy,
but it has some truly remarkable programming. “The Guild,” last year’s winner
for best comedy and a nominee again this year, might sound like it’s written
for a niche audience (following the lives of a group of hapless online gaming
addicts), but its humor is universal. (Personal note: My wife, who largely
rolls her eyes and mocks me when I try to get her to watch anything with nerd
cred is a huge fan of the show.)

“Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show” is often more entertaining than
anything in the late night wars. And “Auto-Tune the News” is quickly gaining a
following among news junkies. If you haven’t yet bothered exploring original episodic Web series, here’s a
list that might change your mind about the medium – with links to
their pages to make it even easier.