Happy birthday PlayStation!

Fifteen years ago – on Sept. 9, 1995 – Sony changed the
course of the video game world.

This sounds like hyperbole – and maybe even the first line
of a press release from the company – but it’s actually the spot-on truth. It has
now been 15 years since the PlayStation hit retail shelves and the changes it
brought were monumental.

The company quickly knocked Nintendo off of its throne and
ushered in a new look and style for video games that continues to evolve today.
It was also the first to focus on the CD as a storage medium, rather than
cartridges. If it weren’t for the PlayStation, odds are there would be no Xbox.
And, frankly, the gaming industry would probably not be nearly as big.

A little over five years later, the company would kick that
revolution into overdrive with the launch of the PS2. Today, the company has
sold over 377 million consoles life to date and more than 2 billion games.

It’s an achievement worth noting, no matter what your
preferred gaming platform may be.