DirecTV sets 3D launch date

DirecTV has always been eager to jump on, if not steer, the
3D bandwagon. Now the company’s plans are firming up.DIRECTV_logo  

The satellite TV provider will launch its trio of previously
announced 3D channels in June. ESPN 3D, a movies-on-demand channel and a 24/7
pay per view channel will provide initial coverage. (Verizon, you might recall,
has only committed to adding 3D by this holiday.)

That means that some of the FIFA World Cup will be televised
in 3D – 25 games, to be precise, which could further goose interest in the sets.
Other sporting events that ESPN will carry in 3D include the X Games 16, 2010
college football ACC Championship, 2011 BCS National Championship game, college
basketball and NBA games in 2011.