Brace yourself: 3D TV is here

After years of teases, promises and demos, the age of 3D HD
television is about to become reality. Several manufacturers will have sets in
stores before the end of the month – with more right around the corner.Sony-3d  

Panasonic kicks things off this week, putting its first Full
3D HD plasma sets on the market tomorrow. The first set will be sold in a New
York Best Buy – though Panasonic hasn’t yet announced the retail price of the

Samsung won’t have sets on the market for another few weeks,
but it tipped its hand at pricing earlier today. The C7000 line of LCD 3D sets
will be the first on the market, with the 46-inch model selling for $2,599 –
and the 55-inch model going for $3,299.

Samsung brings out the big guns in April, though, with its
top of the line C9000 model. The 55-inch model of that set will run $6,999.

To spur consumers, Samsung’s offering an incentive to people
who buy a 3D set and 3d Blu-ray player simultaneously: Two pairs of active
shutter glasses and a copy of the 3D “Monsters vs. Aliens” BRD.

Sony will be a bit late to the party. It hasn’t yet
announced U.S. availability for its 3D lineup of Bravia sets, but they’ll hit
Japan in June. However, customers who don’t buy the premium LX900 model, which
starts at $3,900, are in for a rude surprise.

Other models of the Sony 3D sets in Japan will not have the
shutter glasses bundled with the set (something that’s hard to imagine the
company would attempt in the U.S.). They’ll have to pay an extra $140 per pair
of glasses (as well as a $60 transmitter to keep them synched with the set.)

We’re hoping to get samples of all the 3D sets for a review
round-up in the coming weeks here at Technotainment. Once we’ve had a chance to
compare ‘em all, we’ll let you know which is the best choice for early adopters.