‘Alice’ trailer on top as pic enters theaters

Online views increase 57% to over four million

Online auds increased their views through the looking glass as Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” trailer grew 57% to pad its No. 1 spot on the Visible Measure chart in its release week. Highly anticipated Johnny Depp starrer charges into theaters with over four million views.

Battling to nab the top spot once “Alice” is off the chart is Warner Bros.’ “Clash of the Titans” at No. 2 with 66% increase for over one million views with four weeks until release. Three different trailers on YouTube channel “HollywoodStreams” contributed to growth.

Overture’s “The Crazies” had an insane post-release week as pic grew 131% to jump from No. 7 to No. 3 for a final tally of 748.5 thousand views.

With one week until release, viewers are forgetting Summit’s “Remember Me” as Robert Pattinson starrer slid two spots to No. 4 by dropping 15 percent for just under 686,000 views.

Online auds were in for “Cop Out” as WB comedy grew a whopping 148% for the fifth spot in its post-release week. Pic finished with 632,059 views.

Lionsgate’s “Kick-Ass” isn’t kicking ass yet, but it did grow 11% for a total of just under 402,000 views. With six weeks until release the pic stands at No. 6 on the chart.

DreamWorks’ “She’s Out of My League” jumped two spots to No. 7 despite dropping 7% in views for a total of 245,794 with one week until release.

Sony’s “The Bounty Hunter” decreased 44% to fall three positions to eighth place for just over 232,000 views with two weeks until release.

Two new trailers entered the chart with Fox’s “Diary of a Wimp Kid” nabbing No. 8 with 187,907 views and the studio’s “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” at No. 10 with 175,391 views.

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Data is provided by Visible Measures, an independent third-party measurement firm for internet video publishers, advertisers, and viral marketers. A joint project with Visible Measures and Variety, this chart of the top 10 online film trailers shows the week’s top-performing online video trailers with a focus on films that are within 10 weeks of general release. For more about how to interpret these results as well as additional background on the data collection methodology, please visit Visible Measures.