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Academy unveils Sci-Tech list

Digital vfx, animation domination Awards technologies

Digital vfx and animation companies dominate a list of 15 technologies under consideration for Scientific & Technical Academy Awards.

The list, announced Friday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, includes three technologies from DreamWorks Animation and others from such major digital studios as Industrial Light & Magic, Rhythm & Hues, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Weta Digital, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar.

Though submissions remain open through the end of August, the Acad announces the list early to allow other companies or individuals with similar technologies to submit their work for review.

The technologies under consideration are: OBQ/DOALL (Industrial Light & Magic); Queue (Rhythm & Hues); Race Render Queue System (Digital Domain); Qube (PipelineFX); Misterd (Pixar Animation Studios); RQS/Depgraph Render Management System (DreamWorks Animation); Cue3 (Sony Pictures Imageworks); Alfred — Job Queuing and Distributing Rendering System (Pixar Animation Studios); XGen — Arbitrary Primitive Generator (Walt Disney Animation Studios); Expression Analysis for Facial Motion Capture (Weta Digital); Efficient Global Illumination System for Computer Graphic Films (PDI/DreamWorks Animation); cineSync (Rising Sun Research); Timecode Slate (Entertainment Technology); NAC Servo Winches (NAC Co.); Cannon-Less Turnover System (Performance Picture Vehicles).

SciTech Awards go to proven technologies, not to current projects. The awards comprise certificates, plaques and — for the most impactful and durable technologies — Academy Awards of Merit, which receive statuettes.

The SciTech Awards will be presented Feb. 12 at the Beverly Wilshire.