About that Oblivion film patent by Bethesda…

The gaming world is exploding today with news that Zenimax
Media, the parent company of id Software and Bethesda Softworks, has filed a
trademark for “Oblivion”. Specifically, that trademark is meant for use in
“motion picture film production; entertainment services, namely, providing
motion picture theatrical films in the field of fantasy games.”

Inevitably, that has led to speculation that a film
adaptation of the most recent “Elder Scrolls” game may be in the works. Don’t
hold your breath.

Guarding a copyright, particularly on a title that was so
successful at retail, is a standard move by corporations. And a recent
announcement from Radical Publishing made the action an even wiser one.

Radical last year signed a deal with “Tron Legacy” director Joseph
Kosinski to develop a graphic novel entitled – you guessed it – “Oblivion”. Last
month, reports
began circulating
that Disney had bought the film rights to the book.

Kosinski’s “Oblivion” is set in a future in which the
civilized world lives above the clouds, while alien scavengers call the
irradiated planet home. It focuses on a worker who finds a woman trapped inside
a crashed spacepod on the planet below.

Bethesda’s, of course, is the fourth game in the “Elder
Scolls” series and revolves around your effort to prevent a cult that plans to open
the games to a hellish world called Oblivion.

Of course, this doesn’t conclusively prove Bethesda has no
Hollywood ambitions – but I wouldn’t line up for tickets just yet.