Pre-orders for Apple’s iPad have reportedly been strong and
the initial ennui over the system seems to be drying up as it gears up for its
April 3 launch – but will that launch be marred by a lack of exclusive content?Ipad  

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is still trying
to lock down deal with content providers, including TV programmers and
newspaper publishers, despite the imminent launch of the system. Royalty
negotiations look to be the sticking point – as these industries attempt to
avoid being put in the same position as the music industry, which lost virtually
all of its negotiating power with Apple after the iPod became a must-have item.

Similarly, the companies are looking to protect their
current revenue sources, as Apple looks to lower the price of TV programming in
the iTunes store.

Apple, as you might expect, won’t comment on the report.

Game companies, though, seem solidly on board, which might
increase whispers that the iPad is Apple’s first true gaming device. Flurry
Analytics notes that 44 percent of the applications being tested on the iPad
right now are games.