The Gregory Brothers: Auto-Tunesmiths make Antoine Dodson a star

Comedy Impact Report 2010: Online All-Stars

Musical brothers Michael, Andrew Rose and Evan Gregory, along with Evan’s wife Sarah Fullen Gregory, went from lo-fi YouTube favorites to viral video superstars this year, thanks in large part to the “Bed Intruder Song,” the 12th episode of their “Auto-Tune the News” series.

Using makeshift greenscreens and Auto-Tune to turn news broadcasts into catchy musical satire, the sibs have built quite the online following since the April 2009 debut of their series, with their videos regularly getting over 1 million hits.

But “Bed Intruder,” which manipulates an Alabama news interview with Antoine Dodson, an agitated local man ranting about the perp who allegedly tried to rape his sister, exploded into a cultural phenomenon, getting more than 44 million views since August. It even managed to top the iTunes charts and became the first iTunes download-only song to crack the Billboard 100.

“Once you cross that viral threshold,” Evan Gregory explains, “things just take on a life of their own.”

The success of the series, and the “Intruder” video in particular, has opened doors for all involved. The Gregory Brothers struck a deal with Sony to create a viral marketing campaign based on “Auto-Tune the News” last Christmas, and they are now developing a series for Comedy Central.