Singer, McG bow Web series

Warner Premiere to distrib via paid platforms

Warner Premiere is diving into digital production with two series spearheaded by Bryan Singer and McG.

In an effort to expand from its typical direct-to-DVD fare, Warner Premiere is putting together two digital series produced by Singer and McG that will be distribbed on paid digital platforms. Warner Premiere did not elaborate but said the distrib plan would be “transactional” in nature and not advertising-supported.

Singer and Bad Hat Harry Prods. will produce “H+,” 48 three-minute episodes about a future when a computer system connects people’s bodies to the Internet until a virus wipes out millions. Stewart Handler (“Sorority Row”) will direct.

“The epic nature of the story combined with its interactive components makes it an ideal Web series,” Singer said. Scribes are John Cabrera (“Gilmore Girls”) and Cosimo De Tommaso; both will also executive produce. Lance Sloane (“Yucatan”) will produce.

McG is behind “Aim High,” about a high school sophomore who is also a secret agent. With a plan to produce six 10-minute episodes, McG said “Aim High” will have longer episodes than most Web series and multiple storylines.

Both “H+” and “Aim High” will combine their episodes into mini-series or feature lengths. “The goal here will be for the content to be viewed on a TV screen through an on-demand network as opposed to the free Web,” McG said.

“Aim High” is written and executive produced by Heath Corson and Richie Keen, both of “Living With Abandon,” and directed by Thor Freudenthal (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”) Lance Sloane will produce.

Both series are co-financed through an agreement with Dolphin Entertainment and will begin shooting this year. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Dolphin will work with cable, satellite, broadband and mobile entities to set up distribution avenues for the series.