Seth Green is about to let the world take over someone’s life for six weeks.

The thesp, along with his “Robot Chicken” collaborator Matthew Senreich, and former Dimension Films president Richard Saperstein are gearing up to produce “ControlTV” as an online reality Web experiment that could bow as early as October.

Project is the latest Web series to get the greenlight thanks to the backing of some major marketers, in this case Ford Motor Co. and Sprint Nextel, which will have their newest products prominently featured in the series.

In the show, the central twentysomething figure, who has yet to be cast, will take orders, in real time, from viewers on every aspect of his life — from what he wears and eats to where he works and whom he dates.

The human puppet will drive Ford’s new small Fiesta and receive calls and texts using the HTC EVO 4G phone.

“‘ControlTV’ places the audience in complete control of a show for the first time ever, and we are eager to learn what they will decide for our protagonist,” Green said.

In developing the show, Green wanted to take advantage of a world dominated by Facebook and a video camera integrated into everyone’s cell phone and computer.

“We have embraced the notion of being our own Big Brother instead of some nefarious organization watching our every move,” Green told Daily Variety. “We’ll create situations where our guy can succeed or fail and we’ll give that decision to the voting community. We really don’t know what’s going to happen. We have an idea based on our research, but at the end of the day, this is going to be what the people want.”

Saperstein added: “This show combines the voyeuristic pleasure of reality TV with the experience of control we get from videogames. I’m delighted that our idea for a wholly interactive online show that allows the audience to determine an individual’s fate will be realized.”

Ken Fuchs (“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”) and commercial helmer Stephen Kessler will helm. Shara Kay will co-produce, with Craig Ullman handling interactive elements.Video network DBG will handle distribution duties for the series, sending it across its 2,600 affiliated websites. DBG is also an executive producer on the project, editing the days’ video into a webisode that concludes with a vote.

While Ford and Sprint Nextel receive prime placements, producers are intent on making sure the products are integrated in a seamless way. What should help is the fact that the figure needs to get directions from viewers and will need to use a handsfree phone while navigating LA’s traffic-filled streets.

“ControlTV is a perfect example of how effective branded entertainment can drive interaction with audiences and maximize reach for a brand,” said Chris Young, CEO of DBG.

Ford is also pushing its Fiesta in another web series, “If I Can Dream” on Hulu.

Green and Senreich are the creators, exec-producers, writers and director of Cartoon Network’s “Robot Chicken” through their Stoopid Monkey Prods. shingle. Both are also collaborating on Lucasfilm’s animated “Star Wars” comedy series. Separately, Green also lends his voice to Fox’s “Family Guy” and stars in Robert Zemeckis’ “Mars Needs Moms” at Disney.

Creative Artists Agency paired up the creatives with Ford, Sprint and DBG.