4chan hacks MPAA, RIAA websites

Attack is retaliation against orgs' fight against piracy

Frequenters of infamous U.S.-based website 4chan.org have declared war on Hollywood.

Its users led the charge in a distributed denial of service attack on the MPAA and RIAA websites Monday — blocking their pages for hours.

The move, say the anonymous attackers, was in retaliation to action the orgs have taken to squash filesharing sites such as Pirate Bay.

The group originally planned to focus its efforts on India’s AiPlex Software, a company the MPAA reportedly hired to assist in the fight against piracy.

A single user was able to bring down that company’s site, however, so the anonymous group decided to widen its scope.

“We target the bastard group that has thus far led this charge against our websites, like the Pirate Bay. We target MPAA.ORG!,” read an announcement on the 4chan site. “All details are just as before, but we have re-aimed our crosshairs on this much larger target. It’s time we do to them what they keep doing to us.”

Denial of service attacks are concentrated efforts by dozens, sometimes hundreds, of webizens who often use specialized software known as Low Orbit Ion Cannons to overload a website’s servers with traffic and make it impossible for people to access. This usually happens quickly and without warning.

The RIAA site was blitzed shortly after the MPAA was hit. As of Monday afternoon, both sites were back online.

But the battle may not be over. Security company Panda Labs reports the group plans to attempt to shut down the MPAA’s servers Tuesday at noon Pacific time.

While 4chan is not a pirate community, many of its users utilize Torrent sites to download copyrighted material.

And they are sympathetic towards owners of those sites, who they see as being victimized by large corporations.

AiPlex showed up on their radar when the CEO was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying the company launches its own denial of service attacks on pirate sites that do not promptly remove links after they are notified of copyright infringement.