Stereoscopic 3D pioneer Chris Condon received the Intl. 3D Society’s Charles M. Brewster award for lifetime achievement Tuesday night as the org bestowed its first technology honors.

Kudos were handed out at the Chinese Theater.

The society presented Panasonic with its Charles Wheatstone award for the company’s role in developing stereoscopic 3D products.

Condon, whose work in 3D filmmaking spans 50 years, has been an entrepreneur, inventor, producer, cinematographer and designer on dozens of projects. He broke new ground in the projection of stereoscopic movies using a single 35mm projector.

In addition, the org recognized 28 different technologies with three award categories: Century, Lumiere and Gold.

Century trophies, which acknowledge historical contributions, went to Imax, RealD and Texas Instruments. Imax was honored for its Solido Systems technology, RealD for its Cinema System digital 3D projection technology and Texas Instruments for its DLP Cinema technology.

Two studios and one individual were among the Lumiere winners: Sony Pictures Imageworks for its 3D pipeline and Walt Disney Studios along with Steve Hines for Disney’s dual camera rig.

Other Lumieres went to 3ality Digital, Autodesk, Dolby Labs, In-Three, MasterImage 3D, Nvidia, Quantel, Sassoon Film Design and XpanD.

Col. Robert Bernier, received the Gold Award for his Optics technology, as did Imax for its Solido dual-strip 3D camera and Iridas for its Dual Stream technology.