Rob Minkoff to direct ‘Odyssey’

3D action-adventure pic will be shot in China

Rob Minkoff is attached to direct 3D pic “Chinese Odyssey,” an English-language action-adventure pic his new shingle is producing in partnership with China Film Group and Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV.

Minkoff (“The Lion King,” “The Forbidden Kingdom”) founded Tiger 62 Media with Pietro Ventani. The production company has offices in L.A., Singapore and Beijing.

“Chinese Odyssey” will be shot in China. China Film Group and Galloping Horse Film are providing a chunk of financing.

More and more, state-owned China Film Group is taking a producing or financing stake in Hollywood films, including Sony’s summer pic “The Karate Kid.”

A benefit for U.S. titles is having easier access to the otherwise restrictive Chinese market, which limits the number of foreign-language films that come into the country each year.

“We look forward to working with a talented filmmaker as Rob Minkoff, and with Pietro Ventani,” China Film Group prexy Zhao Haicheng said. His company has produced five of the country’s top 10 grossing films, including “The Founding of a Republic” and “Crazy Racer.”

Minkoff and Ventani are keeping the specific storyline for “Chinese Odyssey” under wraps, but said it would be based on ancient Chinese lore.

“It is a supernatural high-seas adventure that pits our hero against an onslaught of deadly foes on the path to fulfilling his destiny. It’s a story involving ancient mysteries, deadly sea monsters, great characters, and larger-than-life adventures which all make for a fantastic cinematic experience,” said Minkoff, who also shot “Forbidden Kingdom” in China.