Three stereo 3D technology companies — Imax, RealD and Texas Instruments — will receive the Century Award for historical achievement from the Intl. 3D Society at the org’s Stereoscopic 3D Technology Awards, to be held at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Oct. 19.

Imax is being honored for its Solido Systems technology, RealD for its Cinema System digital 3D projection system and Texas Instruments for its DLP Cinema technology.

“Solido introduced millions of moviegoers to Imax 3D,” said Imax exec veep Brian Bonnick. “We’re honored to be recognized with this award as we continue to break new ground in 3D cinema with our current digital projection system.”

“The Cinema System introduced today’s digital 3D revolution by blending cutting-edge 3D science with a new breed of digital cinema projection to solve the issues inherent to film-based 3D of old,” said RealD cinema prexy Joseph Peixoto.

“Who would have thought that our 3D technology invention that started in our lab would now be enabling a major part of digital cinema 3D worldwide,” said TI’s Dave Duncan.”These Century Awards will record for history the technologies, organizations and individuals responsible for 3D’s extraordinary journey,” added Intl. 3D Society prexy Jim Chabin.”Stereoscopic 3D has progressed dramatically in the past decade and continues to evolve daily,” said Sony exec and org chair Buzz Hays. “It’s important to recognize the achievements of the visionaries who created the tools to empower the artists who, together, will propel our medium forward.”