Fox Home Entertainment will launch homevid versions of 27 never-before-released MGM titles through the CreateSpace DVD platform on Amazon.com.

Titles, handled through a MGM Video-on-Demand section, include “The Best Man,” “Man of Iron,” “The Whisperers,” “Garbo Talks” and “The Glory Guys,” and telepics such as “Inherit the Wind,” “The Tenth Man” and “The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan.” TV series include “Flipper — The New Adventures,” the second season of “Flipper,” the first season of “Highway Patrol” and the complete series of “Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot.”

Eric Doctorow, g.m. for MGM Worldwide at Fox, said the initiative is designed to take advantage of the consumer appetite for titles that aren’t mass-market entries.

Move comes as MGM awaiting binding bids for its assets. MGM put itself up for sale in November amid the decline in DVD revenues.

Fox’s homevid unit has handled DVD distribution for MGM for the past four years. It first began selling MGM titles through the CreateSpace service in December.

CreateSpace has deals with Universal, along with TV networks MTV, HBO, Nickelodeon, CNN, ESPN and others for titles never before released on DVD.

“With CreateSpace DVD on Demand, titles are only manufactured in response to customer demand, making it a low-risk, cost-efficient solution for studios and filmmakers,” said content acqusitions exec Mike Haney.