Two studio films — Spyglass Entertainment/Screen Gems’ “The Vow” and Paramount/Montecito Picture Company/Spyglass Entertainment’s “No Strings” — have added the scenechronize Web-based production management system

scenechronize automates production information workflows, streamlines crew communications and provides a virtual hub for information about the production. It also facilitates the digital distribution of scripts, sides, call sheets, prep memos, location maps, welcome packets and other production essentials.

The software is designed to replace the inefficient exchange of information via phone calls, emails, memos and paper. “scenechronize is saving reams of paper and it is streamlining the information flow for our entire production between multiple offices and locations,” said Peter Oillataguerre, exec veep at Spyglass.

With the software, virtually any document can be distributed digitally and individually watermarked for each crew member with just a few clicks of the mouse. So far in 2010, over 400,000 email distributions have been sent using scenechronize resulting in at least 3,000,000 pages of paper not automatically being printed.

“We realize the demands and challenges productions are faced with, including making them more efficient and more green,” said scenechronize COO Darren Ehlers. “scenechronize directly and significantly improves both.”

Spyglass and Montecito join a number of studios, networks and production companies using scenechronize’s products. Others include Warner Bros., Columbia, Paramount, AMC, ABC Studios, Playtone Productions, Apatow Productions and Film 44. The company’s TV credits include “No Ordinary Family,” “90210,” “Ugly Betty,” “Breaking Bad,”and “Flash Forward.”