Global digital facility Prime Focus handled digital intermediate work on director Spike Lee’s new documentary “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,” which premiered on HBO August 23 and 24. The four-hour, two-part film revisits New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina and examines how the city and its residents have changed since the disaster and since the more recent 2010 Super Bowl victory and BP oil spill.

Prime Focus colorist Eric Alvarado, who collaborated previously with Lee on DI work, handled the latest film’s DI out of the company’s New York office, communicating directly with d.p., Cliff Charles, with who he had worked in the past. “Before we began production, one of the first people I requested to be a part of the team was Eric,” said Charles. “I knew he would complement what I was creating on set… and accurately reproduce and enhance the hundreds of different skin tones and landscapes” in the film.

“Over the course of three weeks the Prime Focus team and I were working around the clock, getting new tapes almost daily which we’d have to turn around almost immediately,” said Alvarado. The film was shot on the HDCAM-SR format and tapes were sent to Prime Focus for the DI, which was done using a Da Vinci 2K Plus color corrector.