Hollywood post house Digital Jungle has launched a music video division named – what else – Digital Jungle Music Video (DJMV).

Unit was created following production of several clips at the facility, including “Come Back to Me” for “American Idol” winner David Cook, “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies, “Dirty Girl” by Aaron Fresh and “Something Like a Party” from the School Gyrls. The Aaron Fresh and School Gyrls videos were brought to Digital Jungle through Nick Canon’s NCredible Entertainment.

“In music videos the color grading is a central key to holding the audience attention,” said Digital Jungle prexy Dennis Ho. “The color provides emotional subtext that sets the mood for the entire piece.” Color grading for DJMV takes place in the facility’s screening room, which is powered by a Quantel Pablo system and projected by a Barco 2K digital projector onto a 21 x 8-foot screen. Head Colorist John Scheer handles the coloring process.