Oscar noms don’t favor ‘Avatar’ trailer

But pic still nearly 3 million views ahead of pack

Oscar’s online effect has been negative so far for Fox’s “Avatar.” However, at nearly 3 million trailer views ahead of the competition, even a 47% drop doesn’t give much hope of any of the other nine best-pic noms catching up.

To put it all in perspective, Summit’s “The Hurt Locker” received a 41% post-nom bump to move from No. 4 to No. 2 with 410,679 views. But that is nowhere near “Avatar” territory.

Also moving up two spots to No. 3 is Paramount’s “Up in the Air.” Pic nabbed a 14% post-nom push for a total of just under 319,000 views.

Like “Avatar,” Disney’s “Up” dropped in views following its best-picture nomination. Animated pic decreased 14% for a total of just under 283,000 views.

But TWC’s “Inglourious Basterds” received an even bigger dip of 28%, falling two spots to No. 5 with a total of 231,479 views.

Lionsgate’s “Precious” maintained its position at No. 6 with an 8% bump for just under 228,000 views.

Warner Bros.’ “The Blind Side” swapped spots with Sony’s “District 9” as pic grew by 31% to move up to No. 7 with 201,418 views while “District 9” only increased by 1% to drop to No. 8 with 178,844 views.

Out of the two smaller arthouse films rounding out the chart, Sony Pictures Classics’ “An Education” beat out Focus’ “A Serious Man” with a whopping 189% viewing increase versus 14% for the Coen Bros. pic. But the base views of “An Education” was so small it didn’t make much of a difference in the rankings as pic has a total of 51,064 views for 10th place while “A Serious Man” sits at No. 9 with 79,438 views.

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