James Cameron to co-host X Prize gala

'Avatar' director set for innovation-focused event

James Cameron and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page will host the X Prize Foundation’s annual gala, “A Radical Benefit for Humanity: Making the Impossible Possible, One Prize at a Time,” on May 15 in San Francisco.

Among the entrepreneurs, international leaders and philanthropists serving on the honorary committee are entertainment bizzers Ann and Jim Gianopulos, Lyn and Norman Lear, Arianna Huffington and Sir Richard Branson.

CNN’s chief business correspondent Ali Velshi will emcee the event, which will take place at Lucasfilm’s Letterman Digital Arts Center.

The X Prize Foundation — dedicated to fostering innovation through competition — awards prize money to those who create radical breakthroughs in the realms of space and ocean exploration, life sciences, energy and the environment, education and global development.