Baby, Jimmy Fallon’s Emmy open was “Born to Run” on his “Late Night” website.

Yet the clip was absent from NBC.com and Fallon’s Internet home until Thursday afternoon.

That’s when NBC and the TV Academy finally secured the rights from Bruce Springsteen’s management to post an official version of the number.

Until then, the opening, which features Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, several “Glee” cast members and others, had been absent because NBC and the TV Acad didn’t license the Springsteen song for streaming, according to industry insiders.

The clip could be found, in pirated form, all over YouTube and other video-sharing sites, including one version, uploaded by “The Gleek Channel,” that had been viewed more than 1 million times as of Thursday.”That could have been worth 500,000 hits on NBC.com,” Fallon told Daily Variety on Tuesday.

Now that the deal has been struck with Springsteen, it’s unclear whether the TV Academy will exercise its copyright and have those pirated videos removed. The org has so far not pursued having those clips taken down.

Decision to finally upload an official version of the Emmy opening number is good news for Fallon and company, who stand to benefit from the positive reviews he received after Sunday’s awards show.