Plenty of progressives piled on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for freezing up in her opening statement during a debate on Wednesday, an uncomfortable moment that is perhaps the greatest fear of any public speaker. So what does she do about it? James Carville says, “I’ve seen a lot of meltdowns in debate. That’s about as bad as
I’ve seen.”

“They can recover, but they’re going to have to answer this. Or
she can do a Sarah Palin and just call all the media impotent and limp.”

Dave Weigel writes, “It’s not like she morphed into a brilliant politician because she
signed one popular bill.”

Sarah Slams: Was Sarah Palin’s attack on a “limp” media a case of gay-baiting?

Norris for the NRA: Chuck Norris stars in this humorous get out the vote spot for the NRA introduced this week.

Breitbart, Crusader: The Los Angeles Times profiles Andrew Breitbart, and identifies one person who inspired him to transform from Westside liberal to die-hard conservative: His father in law, Orson Bean. Breitbart says, “Orson was there for my political transformation, and I don’t think it
could have happened had I not had someone like him who I admired. It was so awkward, the thoughts I was having.” A documentary film crew has been following him for an upcoming project.

Beck Admits Overstatement: Glenn Beck acknowledges that he really didn’t handle George Washington’s inaugural address, even though he said so during his Lincoln Memorial speech last week. “I thought it would be a little easier in the speech.”

Also: Brian Lowry reviews Alex Gibney’s “My Trip to Al-Qaeda” … Roadside Attractions will release “Cool It” about global warming skeptic Bjorn Lomborg…Colbert, Beck, et. al have something in common with a long-forgotten newsreel series “March of Time.”

Quotable: “I asked Rupert Murdoch to help us, and he thought about it, and called me back and said he wanted to help us. I’m very grateful.” Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governors Assn., on how he got News Corp. to contribute $1 million to his org, per Politico.