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From Christine O’Donnell’s Twitter account this evening: “I did comment that if I were a witch, Rove would
be a supporter. I would have turned him into a “Newt”, because Gingrich
says we win.”

Bizarrely, witchcraft has entered into the brew of background issues a candidate has to answer for, instigated by Bill Maher’s Friday night showing of a clip of O’Donnell admitting that she once “dabbled” in witchcraft, or something of that sort, but never joined a “coven.” (Is that a little like not inhaling?) The admission was made on a late 1990s appearance on his “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.”

Maher is now holding hostage the entire collection of O’Donnell’s appearances on “Politically Incorrect,” threatening to release one embarrassing clip a week until the election until she comes on his show. This clip was already circulating on the Internet before he made his threat, so Republicans didn’t need to be told why they should have wariness about her campaign: As a former pundit, who craved the attention, she has an extensive video record.

O’Donnell treated the revelations with humor — but didn’t elaborate on whether she was Samantha or Serena.

She did cancel a planned appearance on “Face the Nation,” to which Bob Schieffer said, chuckling, to the New York Times, “I’ve covered politics for a long, long time, but this is the first time
witchcraft has ever come into it.” 

Out for DADT: With the Senate vote on Tuesday for repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Lady Gaga is continuing her lobbying campaign. She’ll be in Portland, Maine on Monday at a rally to try to persuade that state’s two senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, to break Sen. John McCain’s filibuster.

More here on how Maine was chosen for the rally. And her video in which she urges supporters to call their senators (and she makes a call of her own) has generated some 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Next for Arnold: William Bradley writes on Huffington Post, that after “The Expendables” passed $100 million, “It seems clear that movies are in Schwarzenegger’s future. But there’s
plenty of politics to come before he’s done being governor next January,
and plenty after as well, though he probably won’t be running for
office again.”